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Ditch Insecurity, Low Self-Esteem, and Disordered Eating So You Can Finally Free Yourself

And Focus On Your True Values

You'll Learn...

- The 3 limiting beliefs that feed your insecurity and hold you back from becoming the woman you want to be

- How to banish disordered eating with 3 revolutionary mindset shifts so you can quickly recognize urges before they become behaviors

- How to release the toxic guilt and shame about what you eat so you can feel empowered by your nutrition goals

- The essential psychology hacks to getting you back in control of your life with sustainable behavior change (no matter the goal!)

Hi, I'm Jenny...

Hi, I'm Jenny...

After decades (yes, decades) of disordered eating and feeling like my low self-esteem was keeping me from actually living my life, I decided enough was enough. 

I'd been a Behavior Analyst for years and helped hundreds of children, parents, and colleagues change their life for the better. It was time to get out of my head and approach my own problems with the same science and evidence-based practices I was teaching them.

And it worked.

The anxiety that was preventing me from trying new things dissipated, and my ability to soak in the good stuff life has to offer accelerated. 

And now? I feel the BEST I've ever felt - inside and out!

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